JSNA – Needs Assessments and intelligence documents

Needs Assessments and intelligence documents

This page provides a number of intelligence documents and needs assessments produced by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, over the past 12 months.  Click on the report pictures to download each document.

Sexual Health in the East Riding: Intelligence Support Document
November 2019, produced by the Public Health Intelligence Team

Sexual ill health and wellbeing is strongly linked to deprivation and health inequality. It presents a significant cost to the public purse as well as to the individual, with consequences including episodes of discomfort, long-term disability, emotional feelings of regret and possible discrimination. In order to improve sexual health, we need an understanding of the sexual health needs of the local population within the East Riding of Yorkshire (ERY). Data from this rapid needs assessment will be used to inform commissioning and service design) and forms part of the overall East Riding of Yorkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) process.
Children and Young People aged 0-25 years with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in the East Riding of Yorkshire
September 2019, produced by the Children, Families and Schools Performance Team

This performance report presents information available on children and young people (CYP) with Special Education Need and/or Disabilities (SEND) in the East Riding of Yorkshire (ER). This SEND performance report will be used to monitor progress against outcomes and priorities within the strategy and SEF and will also support service planning and delivery.
Vulnerable Children and Young People in the East Riding Intelligence Support Document
August 2019, produced by the Public Health Intelligence Team

The purpose of this document is to provide a high level overview of a selection of indictors relating to vulnerable children and young people. The document will seek to identify areas of need relating to the East Riding population and any notable trends, as such it will hopefully assist commissioners in service planning and highlighting areas that might require further investigation.
National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) 2017/18 Intelligence Support Document update
July 2019, produced by the Public Health Intelligence Team

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the height and weight of children in reception class (aged 4 to 5 years) and year 6 (aged 10 to 11 years) to assess overweight and obesity levels in children within primary schools. It was initially established in 2006/07 and this document aims to provide a summary update of the NCMP results for the school year 2017/18. It primarily focusses on the prevalence of obesity within the East Riding and also the prevalence of underweight children. An update for 2018/19 is expected in the spring of 2020.
East Riding of Yorkshire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Strategic Needs Assessment
May 2019, produced by the Policy, Partnerships & Intelligence Team

This document is part of an ongoing process of strategic needs assessment within the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and sets out to investigate what is known about the specific needs of LGBT people in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
This needs assessment is arriving at a key time for LGBT rights in the UK and aims to identify: any specific needs of the local LGBT residents (recognising that needs may vary within sub groups); the existing services provided to meet key issues and needs; if there are any gaps in current service provision for unmet needs. The report will help to inform future strategy development, service provision and commissioning, as appropriate, in the East Riding of Yorkshire and will also be of use to researchers, as well as, the East Riding LGBT population themselves.
Children and Young People in the East Riding of Yorkshire: Substance Use (Alcohol and Drugs)
December 2018, produced by the Public Health Intelligence Team

This document aims to examine the current use of alcohol and drugs in children and young people in East Riding of Yorkshire (ERY), understand the impact of parental substance misuse in this population and to identify the local challenges and issues for the decision making and commissioning of services.
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health Needs Assessment Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
November 2018, produced by the Public Health Intelligence Team

One in five people see their general practitioner about musculoskeletal (MSK) problems each year, second only to respiratory problems and up to 30% of general practice consultations are for musculoskeletal Problems. The term ‘musculoskeletal conditions’ comprise over 100 MSK conditions and syndromes interfere with people’s abilities to carry out their normal daily activities. Recommendations have been considered throughout this health needs assessment on MSK health in the East Riding.