Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (2018-21)

What is the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)?

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a statement of the need for pharmaceutical services. Pharmaceutical Services are provided from Pharmacies, Dispensing Appliance Contractors, Dispensing Doctors and Local Pharmaceutical Services.

This Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is part of the overall planning for health and social care in the Health and Wellbeing Board area and is an assessment of the pharmaceutical need for the East Riding area. It is a statutory document which is the responsibility of the East Riding of Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board.

PNAs are primarily used by NHS England and Improvement to determine whether to approve the opening of new pharmacies in an area and may be used by Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities to inform commissioning decisions

The PNA provides intelligence to create, improve or provide better access to pharmaceutical services and includes the following information:

  • The demography of the area;
  • Whether there is sufficient choice with regard to obtaining pharmaceutical services in the area;
  • Ward profiles with insights into the health burden in different Wards and any identified gaps in provisionĀ or need;
  • Services provided in neighbouring Health and Wellbeing Board areas and other NHS services provided in its own or neighbouring area which may affect pharmaceutical need in its own area;
  • Future planned developments;
  • Relevant maps relating to the area.

PNA 2018-2021

The East Riding PNA 2018-2021 can be found here along with the current provision maps which can be found in the table below.

Supplementary Statements

Supplementary Statements record minor changes to the availability of pharmaceutical services during the 3-year term of the PNA that are relevant for the granting of pharmacy applications by NHS England and Improvement. Once issued, the Supplementary Statement(s) published below become part of the PNA.

Supplementary Statement 1

Supplementary Statement 2

Supplementary Statement 3

Supplementary Statement 4

Appendix Eighteen: Current Provision Maps


General Maps

Map Key
Map 1 Population Density
Map 2 Health Services Provision


Current Service Provision – Ward Maps

Map 3, Map 4 Beverley Rural Ward
Map 5 Minster and Woodmansey Ward
Map 6 St Mary’s Ward
Map 7 Bridlington Central and Old Town
Map 8 Bridlington North Ward
Map 9 Bridlington South Ward
Map 10 Cottingham North Ward
Map 11 Cottingham South Ward
Map 12 Dale Ward
Map 13, Map 14 Driffield and Rural Ward
Map 15 Goole North Ward
Map 16 Goole South Ward
Map 17 Hessle Ward
Map 18 Howden Ward
Map 19, Map 20 Howdenshire Ward
Map 21, Map 22 North Holderness Ward
Map 23 Pocklington Provincial Ward
Map 24 Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland Ward
Map 25, Map 26 South East Holderness Ward
Map 27 South Hunsley Ward
Map 28 South West Holderness Ward
Map 29 Tranby Ward
Map 30 Willerby and Kirk Ella Ward
Map 31, Map 32, and Map 33 Wolds Weighton Ward
Map 34, Map 35 East Wolds and Coastal Ward
Map 36 Mid Holderness Ward


Batch Printable Current Provision – Ward Maps

Maps 1-12
Maps 13-24
Maps 25-36


Hard copies of the PNA and maps may be requested via telephone on: 01482 391518 or email us at

Controlled Area maps may be requested from NHS England:

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