Business Intelligence at a Glance

The Business Intelligence (BI) teams aim is to support services to make intelligence-led decisions through collecting, analysing and mapping data.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council continues to deliver good quality services for its residents. To do this the services need to know which residents to cater for and where those residents are located.The BI team can provide that support, not only locating the right residents, but allowing those residents a voice on how they want their services to evolve. We help council services understand the people who live here and put them at the heart of our plans to build a great place.

Having the right information is necessary to delivering effective services to our residents. Our BI team consists of consultation and data analytics teams, which means we are able to fill in the gaps where there is no local data on our residents’ opinions by first consulting and gathering our own data.

Overall, the Business Intelligence team is a versatile source of information and can help you to:

  • Obtain a more in-depth understanding of your data and present your analyses in the most appropriate format (e.g. data analysis in the form of reports and dashboards)
  • Provide robust intelligence to support decision making
  • Highlight need or demand for change
  • Gain new ideas and insight into service delivery

Please visit the consultation and data analytics pages for more information into each team.