What is the Local Economic Assessment?

The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) presents the latest information on the East Riding economy. The purpose of the assessment is to provide a robust evidence base that underpins strategic planning, investment decisions and delivery plans.

East Riding’s Economic Strategy

The LEA is part of the package of intelligence that supports the Economic Strategy 2023-25. The Economic Strategy 2023-25 is an extension of the Economic Strategy 2018-2022 and sets out how the East Riding can continue to raise productivity by helping businesses to create higher-level jobs and increase the earning power of people with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure through to 2025.

Local Intelligence

East Riding’s Town Dashboard showcases a variety of economic information for the key towns within the local authority. The dashboard is updated quarterly and provides evidence that can be used to support project development and funding applications.

East Riding’s Skills Dashboard offers information on the most recent job postings within the local area. The dashboard is updated monthly and shows data on the average salary of jobs posted, the skills needed for local employment and other useful data relating to local skills.

East Riding’s Inclusive Growth Monitor measures the relationship between poverty and growth. Inclusivity, prosperity and sustainability are measured and ranked to monitor performance against other local authorities.