Local Economic Assessment

The Local Economic Assessment (LEA) presents the latest information on the East Riding economy. The purpose of the assessment is to provide a robust evidence base that underpins strategic planning, investment decisions and delivery plans.

Local economies do not follow typically used boundaries, so Function Economic Areas (FEAs) are used instead. FEAs are useful when identifying key economic centres, the drivers for economic activity, growth opportunities and challenges to be addressed.

For more information on Economic Development activity and the East Riding Economic Strategy 2018-2022, please visit the East Riding Economic Development page on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.

Infographics are also available here that provide a 2019 performance review of the East Riding Economy and Inclusive Growth.

Additionally, there is anĀ East Riding Labour Market Profile, which compares the pre COVID-19 labour market to the current labour market showing impact of the pandemic on job availability and quality.

The LEA includes information on a range of topics relating to the East Riding economy. Please select the theme you are interested in below.